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Essay about rafflesia

essay about rafflesia

the island of Borneo. There are eight species of Rafflesia can be found around Malaysia which is four species (R. Rafflesia, a native of rainforests of Sumatra and Borneo in the Indonesian Archipelago, is the largest flower in the world. The dramatic Rafflesia flowers are the largest single flowers in the world; the leathery petals can reach over 90 centimetres across (Attenborough, 1995). "Rafflesia Species in Malaysia Identification." All Answers Ltd. Human experts solve problems by using their factual knowledge and reasoning ability. Figure.8 shows the picture of Rafflesia tengku-adlinii. It has 5 concentric rings of oval white blots.

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What are three facts about rafflesia flower

It has whitish-pinkish social accounting term paper blots across and large size of blots ranging from 5 x 3 to 10 x. It only can be found in Sarawak. The system is the tool or mechanism which contains all collected information, recommendation and opinion from many expertises and also results from so many researches done. These eight variable characters are listed below (Nais, 2001) and the radial section of Rafflesia flower drawn by Yong Ket Hyun, after Meijer 1985 are shown in Figure.2. 2.6 threats AND conservation Rafflesia is one of the most threatened and also one of the rarest plants in the world. The over collection of these buds has not helped with conservation efforts but further drastically reduced the number of Rafflesia in the wild, accentuating the problem the alarmingly fast transformation of jungles into palm oil plantation creates (Sabah Travel Guide, 2004).

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