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Microemulsion thesis pdf

microemulsion thesis pdf

solutions) and to emulsions. Ljungren S, Eriksson, JC (1992) Langmuir 8:1300 Google Scholar. The term microemulsion was first introduced by Hoar and Schulman (1943) to describe a clear solution obtained when normal O/W coarse emulsions were titrated with medium-chain length alcohols. May be single or multiple phase Multiple phase only. Table.3 essay on nature in english poetry Differences between microemulsions and emulsions. An O/W microemulsion is formed when the concentration of oil is low and a W/O microemulsion is formed when the concentration of water is low. 1.5, each corner of the triangle represents 100 of one of the components. Shinoda K, Friberg S (1975) Adv Colloid Interface Sci 4:281 Google Scholar.

Formulating Microemulsions with Less Solubilizer. De Bruyn PL, Overbeek JTG, Verhoeckx (1989) J Colloid Interface Sci 127:244 Google Scholar. Rowlinson JS, Widom B (1982) Molecular Theory of Capillarity, Clarendon, Oxford. Shinoda K, Saito H (1968) J Colloid Interface Sci 26:70 Google Scholar. Strey R, Sottmann T, work in progress Google Scholar. Mobility Control Design for the Microemulsion Process.

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Strey R (1992) Habilitation Thesis, University Göttingen Google Scholar. Due to their amphiphilic nature, they partition between the aqueous and oil phase thereby altering the solubility properties of hook for constitution essay these phases. Microemulsions have droplets typically in the size range 10100 nm and because of this small size range, they produce only a weak scattering of visible light and hence, they appear transparent. Borkovec M (1992) Adv Colloid Interface Sci 37:195 Google Scholar. Ennis J (1992) J Chem Phys 97:663 Google Scholar. References 5 The Mixed Film Theory,. Guering P, Lindman B 1985 (1985) Langmuir 1:464 Google Scholar. The Bowcott and Schulman Paper.