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Education is more important than money argumentative essay

education is more important than money argumentative essay

women were expected to have children and stay at home with the children and. It helps them control the greed and abstains them from trampling. To sum up, people consider happiness as an input for finding jobs and it will always be better to be a breadwinner in a job that someone can find convenient. Suddenly this idea felt uncomfortable. We've come to believe that education is more important than experience in the work field and have decided that children should not be subject to internships and learning to complete actual real world work until later in life. Money is the most common thing that you need in your daily life without money it is impossible to live a single second. If you were to look around in this or any other tertiary institution you would see that only those that can afford it attend. And in a post modern world like the one we are now living in where the world is not only powered by wealth but also the need to attain wealth, the influence of money have far outweighed that of education. 2413 words - 10 pages percentage of students ages 5-14 enrolled n schools in the Netherlands it is 100 which higher than both Germany and Sweden.

They spend much time only for working consequently they have no time with their family or even their own. Report Post, money is valuable, money is the most common thing that you need in your daily life without money it is impossible to live a single second. Many people believe that it's the most important for children to spend time becoming highly educated so hamlet theme revenge essay that they can obtain great jobs. Furthermore, academic study people can gain several features for many sectors of life such as arts, sports, science and engineering. Therefore it is mandatory that you register your name into this list.