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Essay on why smoking is

essay on why smoking is

a saying that goes monkey see monkey do, which tells us that people imitate the actions of others as they see it in their daily lives. So, it is the best way of not indulging in smoking is not to smoke the first cigarette. Therefore, this allows them to abstain from smoking. Smoking in public places is not only detrimental to the health of the smoker, but those around them, and it should be banned in most public places. Tobacco smoke has around 7,000 chemicals in it, and around 70 of those are directly linked to causing cancer. In addition, the CDC also states that, The California Environmental Protection Agency estimates that secondhand smoke exposure causes approximately 3,400 lung cancer deaths and 22,700-69,600 heart disease deaths annually among adult nonsmokers in theUnited States (CDC, 2009). Some of the many other health issues caused by this smoke are strokes, respiratory infections, heart disease, and lung cancer. Smoking can increase the likelihood of having a stroke by 2 to 4 times. For a socially conscious man, it is not at all a hard job to master sufficient mental strength to turn the cigarette between his lips into the last cigarette of his life because then he can reap some positive harvests of life.

Available from: p?vref1 Accessed Reference Copied to Clipboard. In the same way, both smokers and non-smokers have to deal with health problems due to cigarette smoke. Should non-smokers be subjected to these unhealthy and vile smelling fumes every time a smoker chooses to light up a cigarette? Retrieved December 5, 2009 from secondhand Smoke (2009).

essay on why smoking is

Many people start this horrible habit because.
Free Essays from Bartleby Should cigarette smoking be banned for everyone in the United States?

This is known as second-hand smoke, the smoke produced from a cigarette or the smoke exhaled by a smoker. Though it may not seem like much, over the past 50 years,.5 million people have died due to ingesting second-hand smoke. December 5, 2009 from m, smoking ban spurs 400,000 people to quit the habit (2008). Smoking is like yelling fire in a crowded theater. The benefits of quitting Quitting smoking reduces health risks. Overall, once someone stops smoking, their health will improve and their body will begin to recover. The death toll for heart and lung diseases as well as the death toll for cancer will continue to gradually increase if the current smoking situation is not corrected. Also, two in every five children are exposed, that's about 13 students in this classroom alone. The risk for lung cancer drops by half after 10 years. There are many smokers and non-smokers in the world and just the same there are many differences and similarities between the two. Studies have been conducted that prove that the toxic chemicals from a littered cigarette butt can be lethal to many small animals and microorganisms, such as Daphnia.

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