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Start the paragraph by introducing the view (View B). Isolation cannot be blamed on the internet, as it is just a tool to use, the individual must be in charge of their..
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Once youve settled on a topic, I recommend reading these posts to get started with your essay: Once your own compare and contrast essay is drafted, send it to one of our..
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Make sure that you check the final document against the Formatting Manual. Copy and paste your thesis/dissertation/creative work preliminary page content one page at a time verifying all fields are complete with..
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Essay on our nation our pride

essay on our nation our pride

the English, whom I hold to be the worthiest nation of the globe. With those who are so miserably dependant on the smiles of the great for temporary sustenance, the opinion of their own meanness swallows up all ideas of the innate dignity of human nature, of nobility of sentiment, of self-confidence, and of their competence to judge. Always surrounded by the same objects, he will never alter his creed; he will ever esteem his own belief as an incontrovertible argument in every dispute; he is in himself all in all, and those who hold other principles, are blinded by falsehood. Every nation ought to respect and esteem those by whom it has been enlightened and improved; it ought to reverence their images; to celebrate their memories; and all hearts should glow with the desire of being equally great and illustrious. The Page 230 exemption from that miserable fate which makes man, sunk from his inherent dignity, submit to be a slave, not indeed because he wills, but because he must, strengthens the soul, expands the understanding, and enlarges the ideas, giving to every faculty, fire. Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity are the major religions that are practiced in my country. Many tourists visit her every year. It has been observed, that there is hardly a Frenchman who does not attribute to himself part of the honour of the Siam embassy, of which he is particularly vain. As the Mahometans are unjust towards the Christians, so the latter are equally unjust towards the Page 110 former. My country, Nepal is an overall package of beauty, diversity, history and on top of that unity among people. The mountain kingdom of Nepal is multi-ethnic and multi-lingual. Arrogance is fond of shewing its lordliness to inferiors; pride prefers to justle with superiors.

My nation Nepal is the Yam between two major nature of political theory essay stones. The petty insignificant tribe of the Natches was, according to their own tradition, the most powerful nation of the continent of North America; its chief nobility consisted of five hundred Suns, under the control of one great Sun. I mean that spirit of liberty which the writings of the English have created and cherished in the hearts of the French; and which instils into the soul of a Parisian philosopher, in his attic dwelling, on the seventh story, the just and necessary pride. This is all very well, say the champions for Chinese superiority; yet it is only by possessing a thorough knowledge of their language that they can become acquainted with their own laws and customs, with the actions of their forefathers, and the history of their. This infatuating dream begets a most ludicrous elevation of mind, which is the derision of the substantial republican citizen, whose consolation does not, like that of these conceited slaves, consist in mere empty sounds or unmeaning words. The English have taken the trouble of making smooth, broad, and straight roads both in Ireland and in Minorca, yet they have never been able to persuade either the Irish or the Minorcans to use these infinitely more commodious roads in preference to their old.

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